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15 Tips for Your First Time at the Grand Park Royal Cozumel

by Royal Holiday

The Royal Holiday ought to happen on Cozumel at least once every few years. If you’ve not been back, or you’ve never been, here’s where to start. Cozumel is one of those places that Royal Holiday vacationers flock to. It’s that beautiful, that otherworldly, and for a Caribbean island, it’s first class without totally breaking the bank. Royal Holiday-ers head for one of the island’s leading all-inclusive resorts. That means, they want for very little and there’s every reason to sink in and enjoy. This is an easy list of pointers for first-timers to help make the decision that much easier, and to keep you coming back in style! null

  • Getting there: At about 17 minutes from the airport, you’ve got to nothing to worry about. Welcoming flights from points in the USA and Canada is easy, and for everyone else there are also easy connections from Mexico City and Cancun. Some guests will travel by shuttle from the Cancun airport to the passenger ferry landing in Playa del Carmen, and then cross the strait to the island of Cozumel by ferry. The trip takes between 90 minutes and 2.25 hours.
  • Guests arrive to the award winning lobby, an impressive reconstruction in the island’s historical architectural style. Bring along your reservation confirmation and some ID and you should be in within just a few minutes.
  • The Lobby as well as much of the interior design of the resort have received numerous industry and architectural awards over the years. You’ll notice the inviting atmosphere almost immediately.
  • Just off the main resort lobby is the Sports Bar which has nightly events televised and often serves as a meeting point for grown-up guests. Kids have lots of cool places too, including an all new Kids Club. But just below the main lobby, on the ground level, is the real heart of the Resort, at the Chac Mool lounge, where everyone meets for a drink and sit-down and to plan what’s always a fantastic time.
  • It’s where you’ll go first after being escorted to your room. Guest rooms at the Grand are meant to inspire and they’re nothing short of spectacular. Of course, there are a variety to choose from, and you’re going to love how well you sleep.


  • After you’ve checked in, you’re going to want to see the rest of the resort, and perhaps make a reservation for that night’s dinner. The Grand on Cozumel boasts no fewer than four restaurants. Three of them require a reservation:
  • El Mexicano, for at last, some truly authentic Mexican cuisine, for special dinners
  • El Italiano, for heartier Mediterranean meals, along with wine and espresso
  • And for lunch and dinner, El Caribeño is serving up international and Caribbean inspired dishes, leaning towards seafood.
  • But life at the Grand revolves, of course, around La Veranda restaurant, the big international buffet where you’ll likely have breakfasts, and lunches and dinners too. It’s a warm, bright, and inviting space with lots of room for everyone and even the biggest parties can all get together here regularly.
  • La Veranda is overlooking the gardens and the main resort swimming pool. It’s enormous and in the center is the elevated Bikini Bar, a cool snack area for all day refreshments and snacks.
  • While you’re still on the Resort side of the street, (an underpass lets you get discretely to the beach area without crossing) you may want to visit the spa and fitness areas. You’ll need an appointment for most services in the spa, but the fitness center is open during regular hours and you’re going to feel great!


  • The Beach! Passing under that underpass mentioned above, you’ll get to the real charm of the Grand. This is why it gets all those awards, and for sheer good sense, it’s a big part of why people always come back. The beach, deck, and pool areas are just magnificently designed so that you get a big dose of sea, and you can do it from the sand and the bali beds, from the Solarium, from the two cute-as buttons deck-lounges or from the infinity pools and whirlpools, right on the deck. You’ll very likely marvel at the passing cruise ships, too. But there’s a lot to see and do, even in your own front yard!
  • Just down the street from the Grand, are the Cruise Ship landings. These are the infamous “duty-free” malls, which means unfortunately, you can’t buy anything. Not so with the Royal Village Shopping Center which is easily accessible from the resort. With a good collection of designer and custom boutiques, you can find all the gifts, clothing and similar fare while only barely leaving the resort.
  • To get there, you’ll very likely notice the outdoor theater squeezed into its own corner at the very back of the resort. Performances take place nightly and include shows for the whole family.
  • Want to get out a little further? Royal Travel (within the resort) specializes in car and Jeep rentals so that you can see the furthest distances on the island, from El Cedral to the lighthouse at Celarain or the park at Punta Sur.
  • They’ll also set you up with organized tours, boat charters, and other organized excursions.
  • There’s a Members’ Center too! And it’s just for Royal Holiday vacationers so if you’re really in love with the place, and you will be, we can fix it so that you can come back every year, or every couple of years. It’s that beautiful. The water is crystal clear, and the weather is nearly always perfect. Stop in, and we’ll look forward to seeing you again, perhaps every year hereafter.


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