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    The Caribbean, with its turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and lush vegetation, is a dream destination! Millions of travelers around the world love to visit this paradise. But beyond its superficial beauty, this tropical paradise harbors fascinating secrets that you might not know. Come with us to explore some of the most surprising curiosities of the Caribbean.

    The Caribbean is more than just beaches

    the caribbean

    Of course, the beaches are the main attraction, but the Caribbean is much more than that. Its islands are covered by a rich history and culture! That is reflected in its colonial architecture, colorful festivals, and delicious local cuisine.

    A paradise for nature lovers

    mexican caribbean

    The Caribbean is home to an incredible wildlife diversity, both on land and at sea. From tropical forests to coral reefs, going through a variety of bird species and marine mammals; this destination is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers.

    The cradle of rum


    Did you know that rum has its origins in the Caribbean? This spirituous drink elaborated with sugar cane has profound roots. In the history of the region is really important and it is a fundamental element of its culture and tradition.

    Home of piracy

    pirates caribbean

    During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Caribbean was a zone filled with pirates and buccaneers that plowed through the waters in search of treasures and adventures. Places like Port Royal in Jamaica and Nassau in the Bahamas were known as refuges for these intrepid navigators.

    A cultural mosaic

    caribbean culture

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    The Caribbean is a melting pot of cultures, resulting from centuries of migrations and ethnic mixes. Here, African, European, indigenous, and Asian influences converge, creating a vibrant and unique cultural fusion that is manifested in music, dance, art, and religion.

    Home of unique species


    Many flora and fauna species in the Caribbean are endemic to the region, which means that you can’t find them anywhere else in the world. From the unusual West Indian Manatee to the colorful Red-lored Amazon of the island, the Caribbean is a sanctuary for biodiversity.

    Destination for adventure and relaxation

    relax in the caribbean

    Whether you’re looking for strong emotions while scuba diving in coral reefs or simply relaxing on a hammock under the shadow of a palm tree, the Caribbean offers activities for every taste and age.

    The Caribbean is much more than just a sun and beach vacation destination. It’s a place full of history, culture, nature, and adventure waiting to be discovered. So next time you plan a vacation, consider exploring the wonders that this fascinating corner of the world has to offer. We welcome you with open arms in the Caribbean! Book your trip with your Royal Holiday membership.

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