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 Christmas is right around the corner and the holidays are just beginning. This is the time of the year when families reunite, lights shine, and the streets are filled with laughter.

This year, Royal Holiday invites you to celebrate this special holiday filled with joy and laughter. Join us in this blog and explore incredible places where you could spend the holidays.  


December is the perfect month to explore new destinations, not only for Christmas but for Hanukkah.  

When we think about Christmas markets we tend to picture hot chocolate mugs, colorful Santa hats, and toys. But, have you ever thought about the delicious chicken stew in red sauce.

Visit the Vorosmarty market and have this unique Christmas experience, try the delicious traditional food and drinks, and get some Christmas gifts while you are there. Enjoy this market any day during December.  


Paris, the city of light, always dazzles its visitors with its unique charm, but during the Christmas season, the magic is intensified. The French capital transforms into a winter fairytale, decorated with elegant lighting that is reflected in the Seine River and extended through the streets, creating a magical atmosphere that captivates everyone. 

The Parisians welcome Christmas with enthusiasm and this is reflected in the meticulous decoration that covers the entire city, including public spaces and even the most intimate corners of every house. In the past years, the ornamentation of the malls and boutiques has become an important part of the season. Walking around the streets and stopping in front of the store windows is an experience that will take you back to your childhood, thanks to the lights, bright colors, and excitement you can breathe in the air. 



Did you know that Salzburg is Mozart’s homeland? In this destination, you will be able to enjoy charming Christmas markets with the best views of the Alps.

Visit the historic Christkindlmarkt and immerse yourself in the magic of a “white Christmas” while you explore the colorful stores filled with decorations and culinary delights. The festive racket and bright lighting create a welcoming atmosphere that invites everyone to experience the happiness of the season. 



Berlin is a captivating Christmas destination with a unique charm. The Christmas markets, the extraordinarily decorated trees, and the bright lights transform the German capital into a magical scenario during this festive season. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the adrenaline at the Berliner Weihnachtszeit Christmas fair, located near the Rotes Rathaus. This medieval market will transport you in time with its charming environment. A popular attraction is the 50-meter Ferris wheel, where you can enjoy amazing panoramic views of the Brandenburg Gate and the Potsdamer Platz. You can also go on the flying chairs and carrousels for an unforgettable festive experience. 



In Wales, Christmas is welcomed with enthusiasm and unshakeable traditions that have been transmitted from generation to generation. Before the festive day, it’s common to see homes decorated with mistletoe and holly branches, two wild plants very commonly used in December festivities to decorate houses. The mistletoe is placed to protect the house from negative energies, while the holly symbolizes eternal life, bringing a touch of nature to the celebrations. 

Among the traditional practices, the Welsh, especially those more rooted in religion, participate in a special service known as Plygain. This happens in the first hours of the morning, between 3 and 6 am. Although it is more common in rural areas, it is a beautiful and unique experience. During Plygain, Christmas carols are sung and the melodic sounds that come out of the churches during that time have a magical effect that evokes the essence of the Christmas season. 

The connection with older traditions and the participation in special religious services make Christmas in Wales a unique experience, where the community comes together to celebrate with reverence and joy. 

This year, give your family the gift of a very special Christmas with Royal Holiday. It could be in an idyllic place, in traditional boats, or in a completely new destination, your December vacations are waiting for you. Let’s celebrate a unique and magical Christmas together! 

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