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Vacations are moments to pamper yourself and find a new path. However, planning everything you need to enjoy days filled with adventure, rest, and learning can be a problem when you don’t have the necessary support. A travel agency is, in this case, our salvation.



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One of the main advantages of traveling with an agency is the comfort that it provides. Travel agents are trained to organize every aspect of your trip, from the booking of flights and hotels to the planning of itineraries and the coordination of activities. This way, travelers are free from the burden of having to deal with the logistics, allowing them to relax and truly enjoy the experience.

Besides the convenience, travel agencies usually have access to special prices and discounts that are not available to the general public. This means travelers can save money by booking through an agency, whether on flights, hotels, cruises, or vacation packages. Travel agents can also give you guidance with specific destinations, activities, and accommodation options, which guarantees travelers have the best experience possible within their budget.

Another advantage of traveling with an agency is the safety and tranquillity they provide. Travel agents can be very handy when, if you’re far from home, an emergency occurs, like a change in the itinerary or troubles during the trip. Many agencies offer travel insurance as part of their packages, which gives extra protection in case of cancellations, delays, or medical problems while you’re abroad.

It can also open doors to unique and out-of-the-ordinary experiences, as travel agents have access to a wide network of suppliers and partners worldwide. This enables them to offer customized options and tailor-made adventures according to the individual interests and preferences of each client.



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As a Royal Holiday member, you can plan your vacations with our Royal Travel agency. Here you’ll find available and attentive vacation advisors who are ready to assist you with every aspect of your next adventure, from making necessary reservations to processing your membership payments or supporting you with the purchase, rental, and accumulation of vacation credits.

Additionally, Royal Holiday members have special discounts as an additional benefit when acquiring their travel services with Royal Holiday.

One of the great strengths of our travel agency is the strategic alliances with suppliers and wholesale operators, including Ãlamo Rent a Car and American Express Vacations, which allows us to offer our partners preferential prices on car rentals or tickets to Disney theme parks.

Royal Travel collaborates on various technological platforms, specially designed for the tourism industry, making it competitive in the field. The Royal Holiday agency offers destinations, products, and travel services worldwide, aiming for each traveler to fully enjoy a specifically planned experience. Traveling with a travel agency offers a range of benefits, from comfort and convenience to saving money, security, and the possibility of accessing exclusive experiences. For those seeking a hassle-free travel experience full of adventures, having the assistance of a travel agency can be the best option.

On your next adventure, don’t forget that you can use Royal Travel and make it your favorite travel agency as part of the benefits provided by your Royal Holiday membership. We’re sure it will make your trip an unforgettable experience.


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