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All the Reasons Royal Holiday Rewards ought to be a Vacation Priority

by Royal Holiday

You’re already going – and you’re staying. Royal Holiday Rewards means you can do it, more, and for less. Sometimes it means you bring more people with you. Sometimes you stay longer, and next year, you’ll be enjoying a far bigger guest room. That’s what Royal Holiday Rewards really mean. In most cases they’re granted simply for booking online. Rewards Credits are also granted when you make payments on time, and usually for three consecutive payment periods. For you the Vacationer, it means staying longer and enjoying more. Book every year and keep payments due up to date, and you’ll be flush with Rewards Credits – every year. The Royal Holiday website is continually updated with destinations that will reward you, too. These are nearly always among the most popular destinations and you earn next year’s credits just for booking online this year!

Here’s More Reasons to get in the Royal Holiday Rewards program:

  • Royal Holiday understands that making a commitment to a vacation EVERY YEAR is not something everyone can always keep up with. It’s a big choice and being in a membership organization that requires such a promise is not for everybody.
  • Staying Longer means Staying Better. Royal Holiday gets it. So, this year, stay for an extra day, long enough that you’re really looked after when you finally get back.
  • It’s FREE. Being a part of the Rewards Program costs nothing, and every year a part of the program, you’re vacation budget is getting topped off. Usually you can use those Reward Credits on a subsequent vacation, but as you know, next year always comes.
  • You can get Rewards Credits booking the most popular destinations –though they will change from time to time, too! That means, you’re earning credits even as you’re using them and that can mean more vacation, more days, bigger, better rooms and traveling when demand is higher.
  • Because it’s such a flexible program, you get to choose. But by your second year, your annual vacation budget is going to be significantly enhanced, ‘cause you booked online, kept up with any payments, and took your family for the trip of the year last year!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=mSUg58IVolE That’s the best part of the Rewards Program. You’re getting rewarded, and your loved ones are too. That’s not just a win-win. It’s a good part of the reason you decided to commit to an annual vacation in the first place. You’re gonna love being a part of it.      

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