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Widely considered the top destination in the Caribbean, Cancun is the gateway to the Maya world, and the most important tourist destination on the Riviera Maya. Because it offers such extraordinary natural beauty, it’s also beloved because it offers unparalleled family experiences and the obvious quick escape for couples. Today, one of the most important vacation showcases in the Caribbean, Cancun is the place to beat because the infrastructure to greet and host such an extraordinary number of guests is simply found nowhere else. With a world-famous resort district, shopping centers, and outstanding archaeological sites, it’s simply not going to be matched by far more expensive island locations, much less by Florida. Being on the mainland means it’s always more affordable. With outstanding culinary options, it’s also that much tastier too. The Park Royal Golden Cancun, far and away the most repeat-visited resort in the Park Royal portfolio, is an outstanding every-year vacation destination, and one that many guests have visited for decades running. It’s that kind of exceptional!


For the Family: The Park Royal Golden Cancun has always been the legendary choice. That means for ALL kinds of families. For families with kids, you get an all new Kids Club – so that even while they get the time of their lives – you get a serious break too. There’s plenty of room to relax and you can rest assured the younger kids are looked after by experts. But for families traveling with seniors, the Park Royal has been rolling out the red carpet – seriously – for generations! Here’s the thing. Mom and Pops are probably not going to go in for windsurfing this time around. There’s still all kind of things for a family – even your extended and not-so-traditional family – to take advantage of. That includes everything from organized resort activities and games – to day trips and excursions!  And then we get to the eating… The All-Inclusive advantage – for families – and for Great Food! Traveling with kids and older adults only really gets messy around mealtimes! Different tastes, habits, and the idea of lingering around after a meal can all take their toll. That’s why the Park Royal makes it so easy to travel in big, awesome, family groups. Two people can have Italian, Mexican or Seafood for dinner, and the parents and kids can still meet up later by the main buffet, La Veranda. It’s international, but local chefs take inspiration from all the gourmet cooking and culinary action in and around the Yucatan peninsula. Local Maya cooking is deep, exotic, and enticing, but there is a whole world of culinary experimentation that extends all the way to Playa del Carmen. Exploring it has never been more delicious. With all-day refreshments, everyone’s happy come mealtime, and the plan is flexible enough that everyone eats what they want – when they want. No fewer than four cocktail lounges are open late, so even when the kids are off to bed, there’s plenty for grown-family members to enjoy – in whatever pairs or trios you come up with – and you never worry about handling cash or exchange rates or even carrying a wallet or handbag. Now that’s a vacation. Royal Experiences are offered only at the Park Royal Golden Cancun, so that you get the memories of a lifetime and a holiday you’re going to want to do again. During the first three months of 2020, flights to Cancun are indeed very affordable. Talk to Royal Travel (annex link) and you can book a flight even as you book your holiday. There’s never been a more beautiful time to go! This Christmas, you and your family deserve the legendary Park Royal Golden Cancun holiday. It’s the one that more people come back for every year, so get ready to join them and enjoy the ride Book today because 2020 is booking up fast!        

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