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Without a doubt, traveling is one of the most regarding things to do, so, what would be better than traveling to an amazing place for New Year’s Eve? Come with us and discover the list of special destinations where you’ll be able to end your 2021 in the best way! 


Stay: Park Royal Beach Cancún 

Are you looking for paradise to end your 2021? Here it is! Recognized as “the most visited city in Latin America” in several ovations, this cosmopolitan city hides amazing surprises even under the sea. 

Have an unforgettable trip to the Mexican Caribbean! Warm crystalline waters, soft white sand, blue skies, mangroves, cenotes, archeological zones, museums, and theme parks are only a few things that you’ll find in the Yucatan Peninsula. 


Stay: Grand Park Royal Cozumel 

Did you know that in Mayan, the name of this place means “island of the swallows”. With its surface of 478km^2, it’s considered the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean. 

We bet you are asking yourself, “what is there to do in Cozumel?”. Well, apart from the amazing beach where you’ll be able to swim among hundreds of starfish, you’ll also be able to find amazing underwater experiences, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, an ecological park with different attractions, Mayan vestiges, and the second biggest coral reef in the world. It’s fair to say that this is a Caribbean gem, do you agree?  


Stay: Park Royal Beach Acapulco 

The most common port in Mexico. Divided in the different famous “Zones”; Traditional, Dorada and Diamante. This iconic city is the most common destination for international visitors that want sun and beach.  

Enjoy the sunny days walking down the coast Miguel Alemán; beautiful sunsets in the Island Roqueta de fondo; the traditional divers show in the Quebrada; the amazing fireworks; an adventure full of adrenaline on the world’s longest zip line above the sea; and many more activities that you’ll be able to find in this great destination! 


Stay: Park Royal Beach Huatulco 

Located in the state of Oaxaca and framed by the beautiful Sierra Madre del Sur, this destination is known as the famous place of the “New bays”. 

Cacaluta, Chachacual, Chahué, Conejos, El Órgano, Maguey, San Agustín, Santa Cruz and  

Tangolunda offer 36 different beaches that are perfect for warm tropical weather, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, aquatic activities, long walks on the beach, or relaxing sunny days. Don’t miss this opportunity! 


Stay: Park Royal Beach Ixtapa 

The place where your vacations “are worth the double”. It’s amazing tropical weather, the hospitality of the locals and the astonishing views have made Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo an internationally known destination. 

From long relaxing walks with the sunset as a background and meditations on the beach, to adventurous activities like surf and scuba diving; here you’ll be able to enjoy the touristic center “two in one” that offer you everything. Let’s go pack! 


Stay: Grand Park Royal Puerto Vallarta 

Did you know that this coastal city was named “the friendliest city on the world” by Count Nest. Enjoy a vacation in a place where the traditional and the modern are combined to offer an unforgettable experience. 

Beautiful beaches, one of the biggest bays in Mexico, amazing views, exquisite food, historic monuments, theatres, restaurants are only a few of the things that are waiting for you here! 

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