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You can experience the Dominican Republic in all its exotic Caribbean beauty – and do it like never before. The sheer beauty of Punta Cana is beyond fascinating. Located at the edge of the Caribbean, precisely where it meets the stunning Atlantic Ocean, you get the opportunity to fall in love with both. Entirely remodeled, the Grand Bavaro Princess is now the very best place to experience the true wonder of Punta Cana. It is that good! The remodeling combines the delicately balanced natural beauty in a resort setting as sophisticated, exclusive, and still respectful of the natural environment. The combination is enough to convince anyone that this is the space for a holiday that’s well beyond the ordinary.

An Innovative Space for the Holiday of a Lifetime

The Grand Bavaro Princess has been entirely renovated such that guests needn’t leave the resort at all. Spaces are all carefully balanced to give you the concept and essence of the ecological environment that’s always characterized the brand. But the new resort offers more space, more freedom, and much more style. Delight your palate with a culinary scene unmatched in the D.R. No fewer than 11 specialty and themed restaurants tempt every craving. There are also two refreshment stands, a food trucks area for the finger foods, plus a café and pizzeria.  The new Grand Bavaro Princess is unparalleled so far as vacation dining is concerned. But check this out: nine cocktail lounges mean you get a drink in a different place every night. For the guys there’s a brand-new Sports Bar for the best in international competitions, televised nightly on satellite TV – and usually more than one at a time. To add a twist to the whole thing, the resort has also spent considerable time, money, and energy on an entertainment program that’s unmatched in the Caribbean. Planned activities are included for kids, young people and for grown ups, they range from aquatic sports to tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, fitness exercises, yoga, Zumba, and of course, the spa. Kids get an exclusive club just for them, and animators and party-starters are working all over the resort grounds. After the above, don’t be surprised if there are more than one kind of guest on the grounds too! The new Grand Bavaro Princess is home to a tremendous convention hall, and it’s perfect for all kinds of events and celebrations. There’s no doubt the Grand Bavaro Princess is the place to be through calendar 2020. What about you? For the utmost in a Caribbean holiday, this is where you want to be. Get to booking now!

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