From Buenos Aires to the World

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Ballet Personality is one of the things that this nation has to spare, which is why we invite you to travel to one of the most awesome cities in South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here is a guide to five of the most iconic places in this city so you can enjoy its cultural expressions, amazing landscapes, and unique neighborhoods. Break free from your routine and escape to this charismatic and nice city! PALERMO This destination is considered one of the biggest and most modern neighborhood in Buenos Aires, ideal for tourism. It is a safe neighborhood for the locals as well as for the tourists that visit it from all over the world. It offers a great variety of activities either during the day or at night, for example, you can visit the Plaza Serrano and discover some of the best restaurants in all of Buenos Aires. This location also offers designer stores, pubs, bars, and nightclubs. If you are an original traveler stroll down to the botanical garden “Jardín Botánico”; a National Monument almost 170 years old. In there you will be able to see over 5,000 plant species, sculptures, and greenhouses that will render you speechless. Another place you must visit is the Bosques de Palermo Palermo’s Forests decorated with rose’s gardens, forests, and lakes. One of the most beautiful places for a visit when in Buenos Aires. Palermo has several subdivisions like Palermo SoHo; named after SoHo Avenue in New York and Palermo Hollywood named after its famous TV, radio and movie studios. Ballet Puerto Madero Considered one of Buenos Aires most important tourist attractions, this district with its amazing Skyscrapers, elegant restaurants, and fashionable nightclubs is enjoyed by the rich and famous in Argentina. Located in front of the Buenos Aires seashore it was the result of a major renovation project including the remodeling of the old ducks which in turn caused a total transformation in the city allowing for a safe and ideal zone for a luxurious and fun lifestyle. Nowadays it is known as the most important Business Center in Buenos Aires. Visit the Woman’s Bridge “Puente de la Mujer”, a milestone in the architectural history of Buenos Aires as it is part of the pedestrian bridge that resembles a woman dancing the Tango. If you visit the Costanera Sur You will find the best place to disconnect from the world: The Ecological Reserve “Reserva Ecologica” which offers you an incredible and quiet hideout full with amazing flora and fauna. Ideal for a bicycle ride or a stroll through its paths that will take you to Rio de la Plata. Ballet La Boca The most Italian place in Buenos Aires is called La Boca. This neighborhood is a synonym of tango and football. Its houses and taverns are painted in a multicolored palette, a real visual delight that will make you fall in love with it. It is considered one of the most important Cultural Centers in Buenos Aires. El Caminito, a street Museum and traditional alley closely related to the famous Gardel Tango, is a must when visiting this city. In its restaurants, you will be able to enjoy live shows of this emblematic dance. If you like soccer, you should visit the Boca Junior’s stadium, one of the most famous sports monuments in Buenos Aires where you can experience the passion and devotion of the team’s followers. Ballet San Telmo The oldest residential neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, you can breathe the historical atmosphere that works as the perfect complement to the modern city of Buenos Aires. It is the ideal place to take a picture of the XIX century architecture found in its museums, antique stores, old churches, and buildings. Totally impressive! We recommend San Telmo for long walks and to admire the different cultural events that take place there. A must when in San Telmo is the Plaza Dorrego, located in the historical center of San Telmo where you will find original structures dating back to the Colonial Period. During the weekends, you can witness its flea market and watch expert and amateur Tango dancers. Ballet Microcentro. Another obligated visit when in Buenos Aires is the fast-paced Microcentro zone, where buses, taxis and people from all kinds of businesses including private, public, banks, business’s headquarters, and international companies coexist in its narrow streets and sidewalks causing such chaos it is worth a visit. Enjoy the end of the working day, when the businessmen throw away their ties and fill in the Irish bars and pubs to drink beer. Walk on the famous 9th Avenue, the widest in the world where you can see the Obelisk and from there you can see some famous landmarks such as the Colon Theatre, the French Embassy, and a collection of sculptures that you should capture with your camera. Admire the Plaza de Mayo and Plaza Congreso neoclassic and art nouveau style buildings which reflect the European influence. Don’t forget the Tortoni Cafè, known as the Cultural Center of Buenos Aires. For a great shopping spree, go to Florida Street where you will find Galerias Pacifico, a shopping mall with brand stores and shops to buy the infamous souvenirs. Ballet Now that you know, you have to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina and don’t forget to stay at our Park Royal Buenos Aires, with an unbeatable location at the center of this port city. From there you can appreciate the San Martin Plaza, the financial district, and Puerto Madero. Remember that after visiting all the attractions the Buenos Aires has to offer, you can arrive at our hotel where the spacious suites and all the amenities that they offer will make you feel at home. It’s time to book! Enjoy your Holidays! Ballet

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