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Your Website, Your Holiday!

by Royal Holiday



Online vacation booking – and going – has leapt in recent years well beyond the simple click and “hope for the best” hotel room booking of the past. While millions of people travel every year, very few of them will go – and then go back – every year. Because Royal Holiday travelers are booking their reservations, very often every year, every booking, inquiry and transaction needs to be accurate, accurately recorded and 100% secure. It’s also got to be user-friendly, clear and easy to understand and easy to revise, review and change when necessary. That’s what Royal-Holiday.com delivers. Activating your account is as simple as logging on – with your printed contract in hand, the first time. Thereafter you get service and information that’s better than what you can get on the phone and with the certainty that this year’s vacation is even better than last year’s. 
Once the account is activated, you get access to 2048-BIT SSL certified, encrypted and authenticated transaction servers.  That’s just for when a financial transaction takes place, and so that you can take care of your annual fee – or make a new booking – with complete confidence. But in most cases, Royal Holiday is even more fun. Members are checking availability, learning a little bit more about where and when to go and in lots of cases, they’re learning something further – even about the places they went to last year. Activating that online account now gets all members an instant 200 Holiday Credits! And booking – any vacation over 5000 Holiday Credits – gets you 500 MORE HOLIDAY CREDITS! That’s holiday confidence you can bank on! If you want to get going with 2015 now, and get more out of the experience with more rewards then watch this short video to get you signed up online. You can manage your entire account from there, and if you have any doubts or concerns about the security of booking or paying online, just let Member Services know. They’re glad to hear from you in any case.

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