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    It doesn’t matter if you are an expert traveler or if this is your first trip, planning your vacation is always something important. This is why we would like to give you 4 tips that will help you get the best out of your vacation just by planning ahead.


    Check the time zones and time difference for your destination and try to arrange your sleep schedule a little bit in advance to avoid a drastic jet lag. Go to bed and get up earlier or later depending on the time change and get the rest you need.

    Here are some other tips:

    • Stay hydrated: Drink water during your flight and avoid excessive amounts of alcohol or other dehydrating drinks. Being dehydrated might heighten the jet lag symptoms.
    • Get some rest during the flight: Try to get as much rest as you can and take a neck pillow or a small blanket to help you feel more comfortable. Having air plugs or something to cover your eyes will be a great option too.
    • Keep a balanced diet: Try to have a healthy and light diet during your flight and the first few days of the trip. Try to avoid food that is harder to digest since it could affect your energy during the trip.


    When it comes to traveling, it is essential to take some precautions to avoid any issues during the trip. Before your departure make sure to reaserch some things about your destination, the culture, traditions, and laws.

    Share your itinerary with someone you trust in case of emergency and keep your belongings safe and secure especially when you go out. Being aware of your surrounding is also something important. It’s better be safe than sorry.

    Make sure your make a list of essential things you will need during the trip. Check the type of adapter plug you will need, the medicine you need to take, and some appropriate clothing for different occasions. We would also recommend you to get a travel insurance that covers any injuries or other medical emergencies.



    Taking cash is extremely important. To start off, you should reaserch and compare the different types of change you can find since the costs might differ depending on the exchange houses at the airport. Some of them might have better and more affordable options.

    For safety reasons try not to exchange a big amount of money, take what you will need for small or immediate expenses and try to exchange your money at the airport. Don’t forget to contact your bank to inform them about your trip, especially if it’s international, and make sure your credit or debit cards are all ready for your trip.

    In conclusion, checking the exchange houses is very important but remember to just change what you need and consider using your credit or debit cards when you need to pay for things.



    It is essential for you to download the appropriate apps for your trip to make sure you get the best out of it. Here are some app recommendations.

    • Maps and navigation apps: Download an accurate and trustworthy map app like Google maps, and make sure you have direct access to fast routes whenever you need them.
    • Translator: If you are going to a country where you don’t know the language, make sure you download a translating app like Google Translate to make sure you can communicate with the locals.
    • Local transportation: Research some of the public transportation options and download the apps that you might need to have acces to them. For example, if you want to use the subway reaserch the apps that give you the routes, times, or even digital tickets.
    • Money conversions: If you are traveling internationally, it is always useful to have a app that will tell you exactly the type of change you need making the conventions for you. XE Currency, or Curency Convert are great options.

    Discover new horizons and visit new countries with your Vacation Club. Follow these instructions and avoid any issues in advance. Enjoy a wonderful and planned vacation!

    Make your reservation through our website www.royal-holiday.com or app Royal Holiday Booking, and keep traveling with your Royal Holiday Membership!

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