Ten Things to Put Your Riviera Maya Holiday Over the Top

by Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday vacationers have done everything from Cancun to Cozumel. But smack in the middle there’s a very different kind of holiday. Royal Holiday may seem synonymous with Cancun. Cozumel is Cancun’s first cousin and lots of Royal Holiday vacationers will travel from one to the other with nary a thought for what lies in between. This is a mistake. Playa del Carmen has been one of the fastest growing leisure destinations for better than 20 years. The crown jewel of the Riviera Maya, it’s a spectacular little town to visit, and with the Grand Riviera Princess so close by, it’s an even better place to stay. If you’ve not considered the Princess for your 2019 holiday, this listed should help you make up your mind. Short and sweet, these are ten reasons to come and settle in. null

  1. Book the Grand Riviera Princess. It’s no less than a truly spectacular resort, and if the grounds and the beach don’t melt your heart, the eight restaurants, the 12 swimming pools and the perfect weather will do it.
  2. It’s a major resort. So…book as many days as you can, and then, do what you can to book two additional days. It’s that worth it, and there’s no point to doing a vacation if you’re not going to really settle in and to be sure you’ve really had enough when you finally check out. Talk to your Holiday Advisor today about how you can do this, there’s always a way.
  3. Bring Your Favorite People with You! It may well be but one special person, but this is crucial. Bring along another couple in a separate room and your holiday is off to a fantastic start, but always remember to share your holiday!
  4. Most serious vacationers are going to want a good day on the beach… use your sunscreen and a good hat and keep everyone safe. But rest assured, this is a world-class stretch of powder white sand, crystal clear water, and something you’re never going to forget. It’s also a fantastic introduction to a holiday that’s just getting started and just getting better.
  5. Once you’ve explored the resort, and had a taste of everything on offer, head for Playa del Carmen. In fact, the resort runs a regular shuttle, though it’s not far off. You can be on Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue) in 15 minutes or so. The restaurants and shopping can easily keep you busy for an entire afternoon.
  6. Xcaret Park is less than half an hour away, and it’s not just an eco-park. It’s a whole series of parks, organized excursions, educational opportunities and encounters with wildlife, and undersea caves and creatures. Travelers with kids and young adults can easily spend three days or more exploring everything Xcaret has on offer.
  7. Akumal is less than hour further. It’s one of the world’s most famous turtle breeding areas and the perfect bay for endless snorkeling. A trip there can be combined with a trip a little further to the ruins and the beaches at Tulum (about one hour’s drive total).
  8. The Cenotes, whether you swim, dive, or just explore are often enough a life-changing experience. Further inland, in most cases, you can make a trip to one or to several. Among the most popular is el Jarden Del Eden, where visitors swim to boulders in the middle, the Cenote Azul, where the more daring will jump from the cliffs, the Cenote Cristalino, or the Casa Cenote. Your friends at Royal Travel will be happy to point you in the right direction, to these, or to any number of inland excursions including those to ancient ruins, or to charming colonial area towns or cities. There’s a lot to see.
  9. If you really do get out there, you’ll want to plan ahead for the extensive spa services. You’ll likely be tired when you get back. Spa service include extensive massage services, (important on any vacation), but also,
    • Facials
    • Body Wraps
    • Temazcal Steam Therapy
    • Water Circuit, including dynamic pool, Jacuzzi, & steam room

The Grand Riviera Princess has some of the most comprehensive spa services of any resort of this caliber along the Riviera Maya. So be sure to take advantage of it!

  1. Lastly, and this is perhaps the most important thing of all, the Princess has one of the most generous and even exhilarating All-Inclusive plans anywhere on the Riviera Maya. That means, with four buffets, and eight specialty restaurants, you’re not going to go hungry. You may even find yourself indulging a little. That’s ok. There’s quite an enormous fitness center too. And this is your holiday.

All-Inclusive also means, no trouble with currency exchanges or with carrying cash. Unless, or until, you leave the resort, you’ll have really no need for any money. Just about everything is prepaid, and you can leave your wallet in the strongbox in your guest room. If you’ve never done, you’ll be surprised how easy and relaxing it can be.

Royal Holiday can meet you at the resort, if you need any changes or upgrades to your plan so that coming back to the Grand Riviera Princess can be an annual thing. It ought to be, anyway, right?  

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