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It is no secret that this city is known for its amazing nightlife. This is why we have prepared for you the ultimate guide to bars and nightclubs in Miami! What is the plan? Get to know our favorite party places and have the best vacation ever!



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If we were to describe this nightclub in one word we would have to use AMAZING.

The Wynwood center combines excellent services, drinks, and a DJ that will have you dancing all night. However, if you want a fancy dinner you will also be able to get it here.

The DJs in this club are known for their excellent mixes of electronic music and house. There are also small concerts of various artists!

Do you want to know a secret? If you manage to get your name on the list for the club you will be able to get different discounts and benefits.

The guest lists for this club tend to get full very fast so you will have to get your name in as soon as you can. Do you think you can be fast enough? Get your name on that list!



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The vibrant nightlife isn’t complete if you don’t visit the incredible E11EVEN.

This sophisticated and colorful club is definitely among the top clubs in Miami.

Fun Fact: This club is open 24 hours so you will be able to visit it all day long!

The variety of drinks in this club is incredible, nonetheless, the breakfast, lunches, and dinner in its private restaurant don’t stay behind. Dance all night and see the sun rising in the morning. Remember, the terrace has the best view.

The shows are definitely a big part of why this club is so famous since this club invites artists from different genres including EDM, R&B, pop, and hip-hop. Don’t miss it!


In Miami

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If you don’t love partying, this club will change your mind!

This bar in downtown Miami has a fancy and elegant vibe that you won’t find anywhere else. Floyd has a calm environment that you wouldn’t expect from a bar, but its delicious cocktails will be worth every cent.

Something that you must consider is, that regardless of the day that you visit, you might have to wait at least 30 minutes before you get in. Everyone wants to have a great time in this popular bar!

Regarding the music playing in this nightclub, here, you will be able to find an incredible mix between electronic music and underground. Interesting don’t you think?


In Miami

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Due to his high-level services and his 20-year experience of having the greatest parties in Miami, Space has become a must regarding night clubs in the city!

This incredible club is a four-storage building with four different clubs. In fact, we’ve already talked about one of them.

The music here is exciting and different on every floor. The Ground and The Loft has the latest Hip Hop songs as well as EDM, Techno, and EBM. But in The Terrace, you will be able to dance to house and Techno music.

Do you know the bar that we are missing? You are right, the Floyd, which is characterized by its electronic experimental vibe.

To summarize all of this, the Club Space is a place that you need to visit at least once in your life.


How to get there: See instructions.

This is a special mention of one of the best clubs in Miami. We say a special mention because the Wall has been closed for a while, nonetheless, it has been announced on social media that they will be making a return soon.

The Wall has elegance and luxury, starting with its beautiful interior design, lights, and acoustics. However, everyone goes there because of its open space parties and the DJ.

The drinks are also a surprising aspect of the Wall Lounge. You will be able to get beers from all around the world as well as an incredible selection of wine and Champaign bottles.

The Wall Lounge has a fancier dress code than most bars in Miami, so you need to make sure you dress to impress!

After getting inside the club, which again might take around 30 minutes in line, you will be able to dance all night to the sound of electronic music, house, and deep house stop

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