It’s time to start working on 2015

by Royal Holiday
December often starts with a Thank You!

December often starts with a Thank You!

December often starts with a Thank You!

December often starts with a Thank You!  For the sense of closure, for all the Farewells and for new plans just being laid down now. Spending a little more time with the people important to us, going a little further and spending a little less are all part of our new years resolutions. Let’s see what we can do.  2014 saw a huge increase in current members doing more and staying longer with their memberships. So planning a 2015 holiday has never been more important. If you know where you’re going, and when, then it’s a little easier. If you’re striking off for somewhere new, then you may need to research a little more. Check the places to eat, the local services and the Royal Holiday web page for the things you’ll see and do. Many more Royal Holiday travelers will be returning to their favorite places again (and that’s ok, too!) and they’ll have the benefit of a little hindsight to make the whole thing a little smoother. Cruise Travelers will see far bigger and more beautiful cabins on a whole slew of Cruise ships being made available just this year (finally!). Taking along a few more friends or family members should make it an excellent year for cruising, no matter where you’re sailing off to. Video? Spectacular Park City, Utah has never looked better. It’s ultra-convenient to the Salt Lake City airport and a ski holiday is rewarded with downhill over powdery snow that few other places on Earth can offer. Summers it’s still a magnificent place for hiking and biking and they’ll even lug your bike up the mountain for you! This month’s video is packed with everything you can see and do in a couple of weeks at Park City and, planning for the winter, this is just the time to get going. Savings? Packing in a few extra days on a budget, this month’s specials include Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and even beautiful Orlando, Florida and the Carnival Splendor is setting sail for a seven night spectacular Caribbean cruise. From Miami, and at just 7,685 Holiday Credits it’s better than a week at sea for two. It’s a Caribbean adventure you’re never going to forget! Remember! You really can go back and enjoy it far more than the first time. 2015 promises to be not only a wonderful year for re-connecting and for belonging, it’s going to be a terrific year for learning something completely new about the places you absolutely love the best! Bon Voyage! angie vela Angie Vela Member Services Director Royal Holiday

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