What else can Royal Holiday Rewards do for you?

by Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday Reward Credits sound like a great way to stay longer, but did you know they’re as flexible as every other part of your Royal Holiday membership?  But did you know, the best way to Royal Holiday is to always plan that next great trip?

The Royal Holiday Rewards program lets you booking, and you’re going to always get paid back for doing it.

Vacationers in the program know that each time they book a Reward Credits resort, they can start planning the next holiday. Because the Reward Credits you earn can be used just like regular Holiday Credits, they can let you upgrade, or book extra days on your next vacation.

That means, the more you go, the more you can keep on going.

Some couples will plan their annual holiday, just as a couple. Then, when they’ve earned Reward Credits for this year’s getaway, they have enough left over to invite the parents along for a long weekend toward the end of the same year.

Reward Credits can mean a far bigger room, even for that four-day holiday. Imagine how thrilled your parents will be?

Reward Credits simply making your annual trip that much longer

Vacationers can now easily add an eighth or ninth day, and that’s not a crazy idea when you’re talking about nine days beside the sea, beneath the sun, or relaxing after that trip into the jungle.

When did you ever stay long enough? Or arrive and already feel the anxiety of having to pack to leave creeping up on your second or third day?

The simple fact is, taking a longer vacation is going to make that much more sense. You get more relaxation, more fun in the sun, and more time to really enjoy.

Although Rewards Credits destinations will change, they are nearly ALWAYS the most popular destinations. That means, if you do invite friends or family along to your bigger, brighter, better room, they’re going thrilled they came along f or the ride!

How many of your regularly scheduled family reunions or get-togethers seem to get smaller every year? Invite the people closest to you along for an extended weekend this year, and see how many of them thank you. That’s what Reward Credits can do for you.  

Going from a “Capacity 4” studio on up to a Presidential or Ambassador level suite means you get to bring along another couple, and still share a suite in privacy. That can be true even with the kids along.

Reward Credits also mean – for lots of Royal Holiday vacationers – staying during High Season. That’s to say, because your next vacation is topped off with Reward Credits you earned booking now, your next stay will happen even sooner, and exactly when everyone wants to go.

High Season doesn’t mean crowds though. At Royal Holiday, all pricing reflects overall demand, and that means you can go during the higher demand seasons, and stay for almost the same cost (in total Credits) that you would during low season.

Because it’s such a flexible program, you always get to choose. By your second year, you’ll see the difference in what you can do with your annual holiday. By booking online, and making any payments promptly, your vacation club is going to be your favorite part of the year – every year.

Don’t forget, your Reward Credits are good until the end of the second year after you receive them.

Having a holiday every year takes some getting used to. Royal Holiday makes it even better than a country lake house or seaside condo. That’s because the Rewards program means that you’re always geared up for an even better holiday just by taking advantage of the way your vacation club already works.

It is like a condo, but without the unexpected expenses. It’s like a motorhome, but without the parking and the gas and the driving of a vehicle as big as a bus.

That’s to say, your vacation club is as good as you make it. And making it good means using it just the way it’s intended. So ask your Holiday Advisor Royal Rewards. If you are, you can check your Reward Credits balance in the “My Account” section of your online profile, and book Reward Credits participating destinations. You’ll see that your holiday experience just keeps getting better and better.

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