An Autumn of Promise

by Royal Holiday
Park Royal Huatulco

In the past year, Royal Holiday travelers have taken to a number of new and very beautiful seaside resorts. They’ve taken holiday getaways and they’ve taken to plenty of old favorites. At the peak of this High Summer, it’s time to start reflecting. Fall is always a time for dreaming just a little bit more. If you haven’t seen all the places you’ve dreamed of yet, here’s some very practical advice on how to get to a few more of them. One in particular is the always dreamy city of Madrid. A magnificent place to fall in love, Madrid has truly captured the hearts of more than one Royal Holiday traveler. Check out this quick video to see what it is they so fancy and why they continue to go back.

Park Royal Huatulco

Park Royal Huatulco

What about Huatulco? Lots of members have never heard of it, and those who venture in will never forget it. That famous Park Royal banner is now flying high over the former Crown Pacific in Huatulco so you’ll know just what to expect. Well, at least inside the resort. Outside, it’s more than just a secluded beach community. It some of the most exotic territory on the Royal Holiday map and well worth the time it takes to get there. Autumn is, of course, also a terrific time to make your dreams come true. Perhaps at one of the following locations? There are limited-time opportunities in Paris, Cancun, Punta Cana, and, yes, in lovely Madrid. How about a Caribbean cruise that starts at just 5,926 Holiday Credits? Now that’s a dream come true! Could it be yours? Getting there, and getting back, has never been easier. Of course, Member Services is happy to hear about the quick getaway – or the lavish trip – you’re planning right now. Bon Voyage! Laura Arango Laura Arango Europe Member Services Manager Royal Holiday          

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