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World Heritage Sites

Travelers… How many times have we wanted a fun experience with culture and tradition at the same time? I definitely think that everyone here is looking for that in all of their trips. That’s why, today we want to talk to you about the world heritage sites in Mexico and how to explore them with Royal Holiday and make the most out of them. Will you join us?


World Heritage Sites-Xochimilco

Mexico City has many world heritage sites, and one of them is Xochimilco. to the south of the city it preserves the essence of what once was Tenochtitlán, with its canals, chinampas, and a landscape filled with vegetation and fresh air.

Let’s make a plan! Now that you visited the Xochi canals, we will tour the historic center. Only one hour away, the most antique zone in Mexico City is like a treasure chest filled with culture, architecture, and incredible flavors. Now, with cultural spaces and streets turned into pedestrian areas, taking a stroll here is pure happiness. Since 1987, UNESCO has recognized it as a World Cultural Heritage!


World Heritage Sites-Baja CaliforniaFind the best lodging in Puerto Vallarta! Learn more details, here.

In the center of the Baja California Peninsula, there’s an incredible place full of special nature. The Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio lagoons are vacation homes for grey whales, baby seals, sea lions, and elephant seals. Even blue whales and cool sea turtles live there, needing protection! It is a special corner where marine life thrives.


World Heritage Sites-Queretaro
The old colonial city of Queretaro is quite the spectacle! Explore the winding streets since indigenous times, and neighborhoods designed for Spanish conquerors. Here, the Otomíes, Tarascans, Chichimecas, and Spaniards lived together peacefully. This city is famous for its highly decorated buildings, a style that’s 100% Baroque!
All from its golden age in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In all these destinations, we have accommodation options waiting for your arrival. Don’t delay any longer in planning that important trip and exploring the main World Heritage Sites here in Mexico with Royal Holiday.

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