Far more than a once-a-year vacation

by Royal Holiday
Caribbean cruise

Royal Holiday is very pleased to be a part of some of the most important travel that people will do this year and the next. Couples, parents, families and friends will go, and go back once more this year, and Royal Holiday is dedicated to what they feel when they get there.

Caribbean cruise

Caribbean cruise

Special rates have been found out so that you can stay that one extra night that makes the difference. You’ll find specials for travel on Rome, Madrid, or how about Orlando and Miami in Florida, USA. Of course, there’s even a Caribbean cruise, from just 16,668 Holiday Credits and hardly a better time to go. You’ll see just some of that spirit in the social networks where Royal Holiday members are meeting up. Almost no other location in the Royal Holiday collection has taken off like the Grand Riviera Princess in Playa del Carmen. Royal Holiday guests have learned about the all-day activities, what’s best to wear and how to get more out of every heavenly night you spend there. We put that together into one article, with more, for the Holiday you’re really going to remember. As to the video of the month, well Miami never looked so good. The Doubletree Biscayne Bay puts you nearly walking distance to the Cruise Ports and still within easy reach of everything for which Miami is still one of the most popular Royal Holidays in the States. And the good news don’t stop there, the Park Royal Hotels & Resorts in Cancun and Cozumel now offer free Wi-Fi in the entirety of the hotel grounds. Stay connected during your next vacation to these beautiful Caribbean destinations! Remember, your Holiday starts the moment you start planning the next one. That’s what makes it the Royal Holiday. There’s always something new on the horizon. Laura Arango Laura Arango Europe Member Services Manager Royal Holiday    

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