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Los Cabos


Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to find an impressive oasis in the desert, that crosses the coasts of a peninsula and that serves as a backdrop for cacti, whales, and rocks washed by the force of the sea, framed by one of the most beautiful sunsets ever recorded by humanity? All of these are only some of the most peculiar elements that you’ll find at the beach in Los Cabos.

Situated in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, you will find the enigmatic Sea of Cortés, also known as the Gulf of California. Here you’ll find some of the most incredible beaches in Mexico, including Los Cabos, which emerges as one of the most highlighted destinations in the region, where you will discover wonderful landscapes.

Los Cabos is a refuge for those looking for a paradise escape. You are welcome to explore and enjoy this place, where you’ll find a coastal town with a captivating and dazzling beauty like no other. Here, we will explore the wonders that this coast has to offer and the tourist experiences that make Los Cabos an unforgettable destination.



Los Cabos

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Los Cabos, formed by the two cities of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, offers a wide variety of beaches, from the famous Lover’s Beach, where the Pacific Sea and the Sea of Cortés meet, to the calm waters of Chileno Bay, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.
This zone is also known for its exceptional marine biodiversity, which makes the regional beaches access points for the observation of marine life, mainly the annual migration of blue whales, but also dolphins, and various tropical fish.
The beaches in this region look like something out of a dream, and they are ideal for those seeking an exciting aquatic adventure and also for those who simply want to relax in a beautiful environment.


Los Cabos
If you’re an enthusiast for water activities, Los Cabos will be a paradise for you. From surfing on the Pacific waves to sport fishing in the Sea of Cortés, the destination offers something for everyone.
The kayak excursions allow you to explore hidden sites and impressive rock formations; on the other hand, adrenaline lovers can adventure themselves on exciting jet ski rides.



Pacific Food
The gastronomical scene in Los Cabos is a tribute to the fresh flavors of the sea. The restaurants along the coast serve exquisite marine dishes, from fresh ceviches to grilled fish.
This zone is widely known for its fresh seafood and gastronomy, where local ingredients are combined with innovative culinary techniques. Enjoying a meal in front of the sea, right at the moment when the sun disappears on the horizon, is an experience you can’t miss.



Los Cabos sunsets
This beautiful beach is also a melting pot of art and culture. The Arte Walk in San José del Cabo presents art galleries that display pieces from local and international artists; additionally, in the craft markets, you can find various authentic creations, from jewelry to textiles, that represent the rich legacy of the region. The mix of modern and traditional creates a diverse and vibrant cultural scene.
Prepare yourself to admire breathtaking sunsets. In this zone, the sky is painted with orange, pink, and purple colors. The rock of El Arco, at the tip of the peninsula, is the only setting that requires the sun, which slowly withdraws, creating a spectacle of light and shadow that will leave you breathless.



Golf Greens, Los Cabos
In Los Cabos, you’ll find a destination where golf has made its home, achieving worldwide renown. In golf fields that challenge your imagination and offer incredible views, the designers of these spaces have left their mark, creating green mounds that are perfectly integrated with the landscape and offer exciting challenges.

Golf lovers can enjoy fields with a sea view and fairways winding through deserts and mountains, creating a unique experience. Within one of the best golf courses in the area, you’ll discover the installations of Park Royal Homestay Los Cabos, which offers luxury and comfort.

Los Cabos is a refuge that combines natural beauty with the excitement of adventure. Whether it’s exploring the beaches, tasting the local cuisine, or practicing aquatic sports, it offers a tourist experience that will stay in your heart forever.
If you intend to travel to Los Cabos soon, don’t forget to book with your Royal Holiday membership and continue traveling with us.


If you’re planning to travel to Los Cabos soon, don’t forget to book with your Royal Holiday membership and keep traveling with us.

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