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Now for the Good News!

by Royal Holiday
Princess Cruises.

May is always the month when mothers get reminded just how important they are for the rest of us. Many Royal Holiday members took off for their favorite vacation spots and got mom’s All-Inclusive fee included in the deal at no cost.Dads shouldn’t feel left out though. June weekdays are totally free – pay just the All-Inclusive and nothing in Holiday Credits – at the Park Royals in Acapulco & Ixtapa or at the Crown Pacific Huatulco! You’ve just gotta book before May 31. This month’s News features a few other locations where similar offers are being made. Booking through the web is always easier. But the Royal Holiday website has recently been updated with new improved search options that instantly show you alternative and preferred dates. You can even get 500 Holiday Credits for FREE when you book any holiday over 5,000! That’s to anywhere you can book online, so lets get going!! The News is also very pleased to present the most complete list yet of Royal Holiday favorites that have provided the setting for many of your favorite Hollywood films. They’re not just a fun way to plan this year’s trip, but a fascinating look at how some of the best loved places have changed and grown over time. This is definitely an article for film lovers and vacation enthusiasts alike. Royal Holiday cruise fans take off for some far flung places. Very often that means a European cruise line and some very exotic ports-of-call.

Princess Cruises.

Princess Cruises.

But Princess Cruises is an all-American alternative. Most famous for their Alaska cruises, Princess sails passengers to many locations where only they sail and with some of the finest service and onboard amenities of any major cruise line. And yes, they sail to Europe too! Princess cruises embark from Vancouver, Southampton, England and Anchorage – to name just a few – and there’s always some place new just over the horizon. If you’ve never cruised for your annual holiday, Princess may be just the place to start. And old cruise hands are in for a big treat too. Like always, all Royal Holiday members are reminded that planning a truly Royal Holiday can take some time. If you haven’t booked 2014 yet, the time to work out the details is now. Your travel club is working day and night to make sure your next holiday is worthy of the name, so let Membership Services know when you’re ready to go. Membership Services is always happy to hear from you. If your next holiday is ready to move out of dry dock, let us know. Until then, happy planning and bon voyage! angie vela Angie Vela Service Manager Royal Holiday

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