Share your Membership!

by Royal Holiday
We hope this tip will be useful!

We hope this tip will be useful!

We hope this tip will be useful!

We know how much you like to take advantage of your Membership to visit amazing places, but we are also aware that you may not be able to go on vacation this year. Not to worry, at Royal Holiday we know that your investment is important and that we should give you every opportunity to reap all its benefits. Did you know that your family and friends can use your holiday credits? Actually, anyone you designate can enjoy a vacation with your Membership. Perhaps this a great opportunity to give a fantastic and unforgettable wedding present to your best friend, or a way to celebrate the anniversary of a special couple in your life, or for a vacation at the beach to become the birthday gift for a family member, or to have a nice gesture with a dear friend who recently graduated. Imagine what a surprise it will be! Of course, the destination, date, trip duration and type of accommodation will depend on holiday credits as usual. This way you enjoy the benefits of your Membership, you take advantage of your investment, your holiday credits aren’t lost, and your family or friends get to have a great time with an amazing vacation. Note that although they will use your Membership, conditions and operational rules of the resort must be observed and respected by all. Once you’ve given them the news, make sure your guests know check-in and check-out times at the resort, condominiums or selected hotels, the capacity of rooms and services that they have access to with this booking in particular, and the cancellation policies. Remember that although they are the ones traveling, you remain the owner and are responsible for your Membership. We hope this tip will be useful!    

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