Home News Summer has kicked in full swing!

Summer has kicked in full swing!

by Royal Holiday
New Years is around the corner!

June is here and so is summer

June is here and so is summer

You have worked hard; you’re ready to have fun under the sun. And with so many exciting destinations to choose from, seize the day and reserve today! Check our latest promotions to plan a last-minute trip!  Fall is also a great season to plan a quiet and romantic getaway vacation. Renew and enjoy! Park Royal Ixtapa and Park Royal Buenos Aires (Argentina) have been renovated so that we can continue offering our members, top-notch facilities and world-class service. Read about Wi-Fi onboard selected cruise ships and stay connected through out your entire sea voyage. Take a look at the Grand Riviera Princess video and catch a glance of this mesmerizing resort in the Mexican Riviera. We hope you enjoyed our June edition. Remember to leave us a comment in our Testimonials section. Until next time! angie vela Angie Vela Member Services Director Royal Holiday

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