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The Surprise of the Mexican Caribbean

by Royal Holiday

Autumn is upon us

Autumn is upon us

Cancun and Cozumel are but two magnificent points in the or Riviera Maya. The region is not only magical – once a year – every year – it’s a regular and momentous place to find yourself with the people closest to you. There’s free Wi-Fi now too. At the Park Royal Cozumel, the Park Royal Cancun and at the Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe – it’s live in every area of the hotels. You not only get to your very favorite places on Earth, but stay in easy touch with everyone back home. Want something more Romantic? Try a week at the Grand Riviera Princess and you’ll quickly see there’s nothing quite like it on Earth. Kids are welcome, but this is an extensive, enormous and truly world class facility and early reviews from traveling members have been ecstatic. But Vallarta, you say? The classic Pacific Mexico destination is still a favorite and if you haven’t visited the Park Royal Los Tules in a while, this qick video ought to refresh your memory. It’s among the most popular annual destinations for Royal Holiday-ers, and plenty of them would even think of heading anywhere else. And Los Tules is on special too! How about Acapulco, Ixtapa or Cancun? No matter where you’re thinking of going – there’s something incredibly special coming up! Remember. Getting away for a week – or maybe a little more – can seem like a headache. That headache has a funny way of evaporating the moment you arrive, so if you haven’t used your week this year – let’s get going. Bon Voyage, angie vela Angie Vela  Director of Member Services Royal Holiday

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