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Tourism Slated to Grow in Mexico

by Royal Holiday
Sr. Pablo González Carbonel

Sr. Pablo González Carbonel

Sr. Pablo González Carbonell, President of the Royal Holiday Group.

“Tourism providers are the creators of smiles” so says Mr. Pablo Gonzalez Carbonell, President of Royal Holiday, who was recently interviewed by a recognized European news agency. In the interview, Carbonell had the opportunity to speak not only for Royal Holiday, but on behalf of the entire tourism sector and especially that of Mexico. Pablo Gonzalez Carbonell was recently interviewed by Word Folio portal, part of AFA Press, an important European news agency. The businessman said in the interview, that the time has come for Mexico and its government to better understand the importance of tourism as a source of jobs. Employers are also encouraged to increase their investments in this sector. According to Carbonell, the time is now to seize the moment and really boost the tourism sector across the country. One primary goal is to increase the number of foreign visitors coming to Mexico with the support of all tourism service providers who can play a role. “The private sector has committed to investments of $8 million in about 160 projects over the next 18 months,” he says. The aim is to increase overall tourism capacity. Carbonell added that “we’re facing a time of great potential for growth in tourism” and that “the challenge for us is to promote ourselves better as the hospitality industry in Mexico and to provide excellent quality.” He also spoke about the value of the tourism sector in Mexico, as the country has much more than sun, sea and sand,. He emphasized the rich cultural heritage, which could be part of a very different and much more complete holiday. Beyond offering a very different holiday experience, as part of Royal Holiday, Pablo Gonzalez Carbonell is aware that the group bears “responsibility for administering the beautiful moments that people have worked hard to share with their families.” The greatest satisfaction for he and his team has come from “seeing people smile, and allowing them to create beautiful and happy moments for themselves.” Carbonell went further, in answering the question as to the group’s mission, they simply reply: “We like to introduce ourselves as the creators of smiles.” Mexico, a very different destination is waiting to be discovered. A land of smiling people, it’s also full of the people creating still more smiles. To see the complete article which resulted from the interview click here: http://www.worldfolio.co.uk/region/north-america-caribbean/mexico/pablo-gonzalez-carbonell-president-royal-holiday-club-group-mexico-n2994    

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