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We are being renewed for you

by Royal Holiday

Get to know the Royal Holiday new image, the change symbol we coined to enhance your vacation experience. After 10 years of having had the same image, we are convinced this is the right moment for starting a change of image while reinforcing our philosophy. gif_nueva_imagenOur commitment is permanent, and that is why this year we were able to certify our International Operations Center, to meet the quality and consistency standards in assisting our members, and we achieved the Socially Responsible Company certification from the Mexican Philanthropic Center. Also, we will be briefly launching our new website for you to have the best navigation experience, while processing your transactions quickly, easily and efficiently. Today, we celebrate the upgrade to our new slogan LIVE, LOVE, SHARE and, at the same time, we will be strengthening our commitment for offering you more and more exciting, amusing vacation experiences, so they last forever in your heart. Welcome to this new stage, in which we are sharing with you the value of traveling and the importance of living unforgettable moments with the persons we love.

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