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Your week just keeps getting better!

by Royal Holiday
Vacations for Life.

Every month, Royal Holiday travelers take off for new and exciting destinations – and to lots of old favorites, too! They’re all here, so you can get more out of your membership! Check out these special offers, in Cancun, in the Poconos and in Puerto Rico and Puerto Vallarta. Right now, lots of Royal Holiday travelers are upgrading totally FREE! That means you get a lot more room, for more friends and family – or just for the two of you! Going All-Inclusive is perfect for some – while others always choose to go their own way. Either way, there are lots of options and we’ve boiled it down to five key reasons you might want to consider either. Don’t forget – if you’re planning your holiday for a bunch of hungry kids, it may be completely different from planning a week with your spouse. Here’s what you need to know. Finally, Royal Holiday’s reservation system is always changing and growing – mostly to better plan the week you’ll be taking! The changes may not seem too dramatic at first! After all a week is a week is a week, right? But the new system will let you better plan a week from start to finish, with alternative dates plugged right in so that getting your week away is – now – easier than ever! Hoping you’ll find this edition of the News not only useful – but inspiring, your Royal Holiday membership should have you good to go, now, or later in the year. Either way, it’ll be a week to remember! Bon Voyage! angie vela Angelica Vela Membership Services Manager Royal Holiday

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