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Year-End membership tips

by Royal Holiday

credits-royal-holidayAt Royal Holiday we like to reward members that pay in advance their annual fee. Now, if you pay your 2016 Annual Fee, you will receive a hearty holiday credits bonus so you can use them whenever you want. You have until December 31st. New Year’s is around the corner. Do you still have unused 2015 credits? No worries: you will not lose your Holiday Credits. You may transfer 100% of the total of unused holiday credits and use them for a vacation trip on 2016. This way, you will have double the number of credits, which you will be able to turn into exciting vacations. Keep in mind this benefit is only available every 3 years. Which means, if you didn’t take a vacation for two consecutive years, 20% credits may be accumulated of the previous year. However, credits don’t accumulate automatically; you must contact your Holiday Advisor by phone, email, or stop by our offices by December 31st, 2015 for the transfer of credits. Are you an RCI member? If so, you can deposit all unused Holiday Credits of 2015 to your RCI account and exchange them for fantastic future vacations. Depending on its criteria, RCI will let you know how many credits you need for a week’s vacation. This way you can choose among different destinations based on the number of available, unused credits. To exchange unused credits for 2015, you must contact your Holiday Advisor, and provide him/her with your RCI member number. In order to exchange holiday credits with RCI, you have to pay an interchange fee. After you see the list of destinations available to you, you will know it was worth it to pay the fee. At Royal Holiday we want you to take full advantage of your membership!

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