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28 Fantastic Things You’d Never Guess about the Park Royal Cancun

by Royal Holiday

Just what makes this the number one vacation spot in the whole Royal Holiday portfolio? null The Park Royal Cancun offers a lot more surprise than many guests realize, and with extensive remodeling and renovations all taken care of, there’s even more to look forward to this year. After all that, it’s well worth considering the Park Royal in Cancun, for all the following new 2019 reasons. null

  1. It’s affordable! This can’t be the only reason, although perhaps that’s obvious. But it’s a big one. And families or couples who come and stay get an awful lot more than at almost any other resort of its class on the strip in Cancun.
  2. It’s a family resort! And while it’s perfect for couple’s and gangs of merry-making friends, at heart it’s a beautiful and scenic place to relax that’s perfect for kids, cousins, grandparents, and uncles and aunts too.
  3. The Ekinox rooftop lounge is raising eyebrows all over Cancun, but it’s open this spring just for grownup guests, and the sunsets from here have never been better. It’s a chic, classy joint for a drink at the end of the day, and…
  4. Ekinox is just one of the five resort lounges where you’re going to be glad to find yourself.
  5. Deluxe Guest Rooms are all-new for 2019. That means that Royal Holiday vacationers are staying in record numbers.
  6. Most of the older guest rooms have been – guess what – totally renovated too. That means there’s no chance you’re going to be disappointed when you get here. There are guest rooms to suit your party, big or small, and you don’t want to miss out!
  7. There’s also – all new seafood at El Pescador.
  8. There’s terrific Mexican food at the Frida Mexican Kitchen.
  9. The Italian is better than ever at Andiamo! So no one is every going to be hungry!
  10. …and at the very heart of the resort, the Veranda international buffet is also renewed, and makes the perfect place to plan your days in and around the resort and grounds. (That’s in addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner!)
  11. You don’t need to plan much though. With Royal Travel on-site, guests can easily rent a car, or choose from a few different transport options. They head to…
  12. Chichen Itza, the peninsula’s most impressive ruins, about 2.5 hours away…
  13. To Playa del Carmen, about 1.25 hours away, for shopping and some of the best restaurants in the region…
  14. …or to any of the multiple Xcaret parks just a few minutes past Playa del Carmen.
  15. Of course, Royal Travel can also help you with boat tours to islands like Isla Mujeres or Holbox or to any number of points on land or even some in the air.
  16. But of course, one of the many reasons the Park Royal Cancun is so very popular for repeat vacationers, is because you simply don’t need to leave at all!
  17. The Park Royal’s famous All-Inclusive package means – everything’s covered! Drinks. Refreshments all day.
  18. There’s also equipment for non-motorized aquatic activities including windsurfing and snorkeling
  19. But perhaps the thing people don’t always realize is that the All-Inclusive plan actually means you avoid any need for currency exchange, or for cash of any kind. You’re set for the entire time you’re on the resort.
  20. The Park Royal Cancun has style. But guess what? It’s also discreet, surprisingly private, and repeat guests come back because it’s not a flashy international chain style resort.
  21. With a swimming pool just for kids
  22. And acres of pristine powder white beach out front…
  23. …Royal Holiday guests come back just to see, to look, to experience, some of the most beautiful and heartbreaking scenery anywhere.
  24. Open year-round, there are surprisingly affordable and wide-open seasons when bookings are easy, and that’s when you’ll find Royal Holiday vacationers. Many of them will stay for more than a week – and many of them come back every year.
  25. In fact, the Royal Holiday Members Center is all new too. That means, you can easily come up with a plan to make sure you get back – every year, while you’re there. The Park Royal is that special. And while many members would like to live in Cancun, or to own a deluxe beachfront apartment here, we think that the Royal Holiday plan is just a little better.
  26. It’s still lets lots and lots of vacationers come back, every year, or nearly every year.
  27. The Park Royal Cancun is, in fact, the closest thing you’ll find to your vacation club clubhouse!
  28. There’s a lot that’s new at the Park Royal Cancun for 2019. But, tried and true, it’s still a special, even heartbreaking vacation experience. There’s just something about the sea that’s this color and the special people you’re going to meet when you’re there at the edge of it.

  Talk to your Holiday Advisor today. There’s always a good time for the beach, and the Park Royal Cancun may just be the best beach ever.      

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