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5,000 What for doing WHAT?

by Royal Holiday
5,000 What for doing WHAT?

5,000 What for doing WHAT?

5,000 What for doing WHAT?

Long time Royal Holiday members know, there’s ways to play your membership and there are always ways to get more! One of the longest running tricks to a Royal Holiday Membership is the “Secret Annual Bonus” for prepaying that usually come out in November or so. Well, this year is no different! So with very little flash and not much aplomb, here’s the secret to wow-ing up your 2015 Holiday! Just pay your 2015 annual membership fee – during the yet to be announced pre-payment period and you’ll get…

  • 5,000 Holiday Credits
  • Totally Free
  • No Questions Asked

And they’re good for use through the end of 2015. That’s 5,000 Holiday Credits, in addition to your total for 2015 – and as soon as your account’s up to date, you can book 2015 – and start planning! Just WAIT FOR NOTICE ON THIS ONE – CAUSE IT’S THE BIG ONE!!!  – and you’ll live to see:

  • A bigger room (for 6-8 instead of 2-4)
  • A better reservation, travel the high season!
  • OR take a full 5 – 7 days in addition to the break you’d already been planning.

Even if you’re just planning on going back to your old favorite haunt, 5,000 Holiday Credits is enough to extend it a few good solid days. This is, after all, how your club is supposed to work. Go more, stay longer, and enjoy the very best, this year and every year! To take care of your 2015 dues right now, just call 1855 30 ROYAL or fire an email to: service@royal-holiday.com!

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