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Online Only Secrets for Success

by Royal Holiday
Check out the New Reservations System

Hopefully you’ve visited royal-holiday.com already. Most Royal Holiday travelers know already that they can plan, research and book their annual holiday quickly and easily. A few have even learned that the very best way to plan an annual holiday is by researching the current offers online and then booking when the time is right. But if you are not logged lately, you’re probably not familiar with the reservation process that’s vastly improving members’ ability to find the places they want at the right time to go! One of the biggest consternations for holiday planners had been finding only that reservations were simply not available. The new system compares your intended dates and location and then offers the best options – including similar dates – sometimes even better dates – and even alternative but similar locations. All those alternatives are a lot easier to review online than they would be to hear over the telephone! These are the five easy steps, just to give you an idea. 1. Log in to the site. If you’ve never logged in, you’ll need to follow the steps to register on the site. 2. You’ll need to select a destination and travel dates, and the number of adults and children traveling, with the ages of children traveling. Once you click SEARCH, the reservation system will display the options available for your next vacation. Important: If your first chosen dates are not available, you’ll see alternative dates – before and after the dates you entered. If you’re destination is really booked up solid, you’ll see similar destinations where rooms are still available. 3. When the system matches your dates you’ll see the sizes of rooms and the prices in Holiday Credits plus any additional costs like All-Inclusive fees, and maximum capacity for each size of room. Clicking DETAILS click lets you see the disaggregated data on the credits you’d use this reservation, available funds, and the remaining balance. You’ll also see the average cost per night All-Inclusive. 4. When you’re ready, click BOOK and check that the dates and details are correct before clicking NEXT. 5. You’ll then have a chance to review the cancellation policy and other terms and conditions before reviewing or wrapping up any extraneous expenses that resulted from the reservation. In your email, you’ll get a confirmation for the reservation. If your trip was for more than 5,000 Holiday Credits, you’ll also see that your account has been credited with 500 Holiday Credits that can be put toward a subsequent trip. Going every year keeps getting easier. And this year’s trip is going to be better than ever!

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