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    San Juan

    Are you looking for the perfect place for your next vacation? Would you like to enjoy the perfect combination of culture, history, and natural beauty? San Juan, Puerto Rico is the perfect place for you! With its wonderful Caribbean charm, breathtaking beaches, and rich colonial history, this city will captivate you from the moment you arrive.

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    Welcome to Puerto Rico! This travel guide will take you along to the best places to visit, eat, and stay while you enjoy all the incredible things of the destination!


    San Juan
    OLD SAN JUAN: Let yourself be amazed by the pebble streets, colonial buildings, and historic fortresses while you explore the charming Old San Juan. Don’t forget to visit the castle of San Felipe del Morro and the San Cristobal Castle, two incredible fortresses that offer a beautiful view of the ocean.

    Beaches of Isla Verde and Condado: Relax on the beautiful beaches of Isla Verde and Condado, and enjoy the sun, the ocean, and the white sand. If you are looking for more action in your vacation make sure to check out activities like snorkeling, surfing, and paddle boarding.

    Explore the oldest tropical forest in the United States. Wonder in its scenic tracks, discover goddess waterfalls, and enjoy bonding with all the vegetation and wildlife.

    THE YUNQUE: Embark on an adventure in the oldest tropical rainforest in the United States, El Yunque. Explore its scenic trails, discover hidden waterfalls, and marvel at the lush vegetation and wildlife diversity.

    THE FORTRESS: Visit the Fortress, the official residence of the governor of Puerto Rico and a place that’s been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Come admire its beautiful colonial architecture and learn about its history.



    LA CASITA BLANCA: Try this traditional Puerto Rican dish, the Mofongo, in La Casita Blanca, a restaurant loved by
    locals. Trying these authentic meals and enjoying the unique Puerto Rican vibe of this restaurant is an experience you can’t miss.

    LAS RAICES: Enjoy the authentic Creole cuisine in Las Raices, a restaurant that offers incredible Puerto Rican meals in a family-driven environment.

    JIBARITO: Indulge in delicious fresh seafood at El Jibarito, a casual yet cozy restaurant located in the heart of Old San Juan. Try the paella or seafood mofongo for an unforgettable culinary experience.

    Did you know that Puerto Rico is a great destination for the whole family? Get to know more
    about this destination here.




    Travel like an expert with this travel tips.

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    NIGHTLIFE IN LA PLACITA: Dance to the vibrant beat of Caribbean music and enjoy your favorite drink in La Placita. Don’t miss the lively environment of this entertainment in Santurce.

    TAPIA THEATRE: Enjoy a night of culture in the Tapia Theatre, the oldest theater in Puerto Rico. This theater offers theater productions, concerts, operas, and ballets and it shows a great variety of spectacles that will leave you breathless.
    With this travel guide, you are ready to explore San Juan and enjoy a wonderful vacation with Royal Holiday.

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