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Royal Holiday destinations on Instagram

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Royal Holiday destinations on Instagram Instagram, one of the giants of social networks has a community of more than 800 million around the world, and recently published the most photographed destinations in 2017. Most are also Royal Holiday destinations! Find out which ones are and take a selfie to share on your Instagram account. New York City Times Square Considering that the Big Apple has countless tourist attractions, Times Square is one of its most popular. Time Square is located between Broadway and Seventh Avenue, and encompasses five streets from 42nd to 47th. Visitors ogle at the large number of spectacular illuminated billboards, huge TV screens and lights. It’s a great show. The theaters that make Broadway world renowned are also located here. It’s estimated that 50 million visit Times Square every year and approximately 330 thousand pedestrians circulate there daily.



The Brooklyn Bridge Considered a national historic monument since 1967, this beautiful bridge was built between 1869 and 1883. It is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the country and supports the circulation of thousands of cars, pedestrians and bicycles daily. The views towards Manhattan and Brooklyn will leave you breathless; and by itself it is a structure of solid beauty with its granite towers, limestone and cement.


Check in at The Manhattan Club

The Manhattan Club

Paris The Eiffel Tower Gustavo Eiffel dedicated two years of his life to building this monument that was not fully appreciated in his day but today is the undisputed symbol of Paris–so much so that it is estimated that 300 million people have visited it since it opened in 1889. By day or by night, the view from the top is unforgettable. At night, the tower is illuminated with 20 thousand spotlights. Every hour, the lights of the tower twinkle in a “dance” for 5 minutes until one in the morning. Ballet The Louvre The most visited museum in the world needs no introduction. It is a spectacular space both in dimensions (675,000 square feet) and in construction. It has more than 35,000 treasures that include paintings by the greatest artists of all time: Da Vinci, Miguel Angel, Rembrandt … It’s also home to the Mona Lisa, probably the most famous painting of all time.


Stay at the Citadines Les Halles

Citadines Les Halles

Disney Magic Kingdom, Orlando Located in Walt Disney World Resort, this theme park opened in 1971, and is the most famous in Florida and the most visited around the world. In 2011 it was drastically remodeled and has countless attractions for all ages, from innovative rides to the princess’s castle, restaurants and theme shops with all kinds of merchandise from the magical world of Disney.

Walt Disney World Resort

Stay at the High Point World Resort

High Point World Resort

Las Vegas Strip, Nevada The Strip covers more than 3.7 miles on Vegas Boulevard South and is one of the most filmed avenues in the United States. Many of the best hotels and casinos in the world are located here. For many reasons it is also the most-visited American city, with more than 40 million tourists a year. Gambling is just the beginning of its attractions. Las Vegas is synonymous with magnificent shows and restaurants with the best chefs in the world.


Stay at the Jockey Club

Jockey Club

Discover the most photographed Instagram destinations with your Royal Holiday membership. Take your photos and share them. Happy travels!

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