The choice between the total break and something more adventurous will test the best of us

by Royal Holiday
Park Royal Cozumel

Royal Holiday travelers take in all kinds of places – some ultra-familiar, and others hardly noted on the map. Some of these have also been the settings for dark, sultry and intriguing Hollywood Classics – like “Under the Volcano” or “Night of the Iguana”. Of course, New York, Paris and London have set the scene perfectly for all kinds of films, but some of the best classics were shot just around the corner from your favorite resort.

Park Royal Cozumel

Park Royal Cozumel

If you’ve never heard of any of them, the movies are a terrific way to find out more. Of course, Cozumel is most famous for underwater photography.

Ixtapa is best known for scenes shot in the town next door. So if that’s not enough, check out the video. Ixtapa may be the most under rated vacation spot on the Mexican Pacific and the video will leave very little to the imagination.

Puerto Vallarta may never go out of fashion. But, remember, it only came into fashion with John Huston’s blockbuster mentioned above. There are specials at all of these locations, and if you haven’t already planned your 2014 getaway, now may very well be the very best time to get planning.

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