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Goodbye Timeshares! Let Us Tell You About a new Holiday Club concept…

by Royal Holiday

Imagine enjoying year-round All Inclusive holiday getaways with your family at the best Hotels and Luxury Resorts. Although it sounds impossible, it’s more real than you think. These new and improved Timeshares are called Holiday or Property Clubs, a new trend that you’ll love.

All Inclusive Getaways with Improved Timeshares

Improved Timeshares

The Best Way to Guarantee a Lifetime of Luxury Getaways!

By becoming a member at a Holiday or Property Club, your opportunities to travel become endless. And, the best part is that you decide when and where you want to travel! With your Holiday Membership, you’ll be able to enjoy dream getaways knowing that staying at a Luxury Hotel or Resort is guaranteed, for the next 30 years. You’ll be able to choose from a long list of companies that offer Club Memberships to the new era of Improved Timeshares. Without a doubt you’ll be able to find one that fits your lifestyle!

Luxury Family Getaways

Family Getaway

How to Choose the Best Membership

One of the options we recommend is Royal Holiday’s Holiday Membership. By becoming a Member, you have access to 180 world-wide destinations through Park Royal Hotels and Cruises. Not only will you choose when and where to travel, but also prices are fixed for the duration of your membership. If you’ve already visited a Park Royal Hotel, you’ve seen that the accomodations and ammenities are one of a kind. You’ll enjoy unparalleled holiday experiences. You’ll find the comfort, tranquility and style you deserve in each one of our Hotels and Resorts. Our facilities are comfortably adapted for both different tastes and your stay and are the perfect place for you to rest with no worries. All of this is available when the time is best for you.

Hotels and Resorts Royal Holiday

Vacations Royal Holiday Cancun


Holidays, Your Way

With a Membership or Holiday Property, you’ll be able to plan your holidays your way, without the hassle of specific dates and places of a Timeshare. For example, with Royal Holiday, you may rent or lend your holiday property, with seasonal promotiones and special fees for additional nights. Not only will you be able to travel every year, more than once a year, but you’ll also be able to collect your Right of Trip for your next getaway to destinations that are further away or outside the country. Learn more about the Benefits of having a Royal Holiday Membership.

Park Royal Acapulco

All Inclusive Holidays Park Royal Acapulco

Guarantee spectacular holidays at any point of the year with a Royal Holiday Membership. Call a Consultant and learn about our Services. Choose the membership that best suits your lifestyle and start planning your getaways now. What are you waiting for! Learn More.

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