Holidays aboard a Caribbean!

by Royal Holiday

Ballet Pack your bags! You’re setting sail on fun-filled holiday in the heart of an immense sea. Come discover what it means to travel on board a majestic Royal Caribbean cruise ship. It’s all part of Royal Holiday Cruise Month. So, why take off for a Cruise Vacation in the first place? Well, because you’re accompanied right off the bat by all the services and benefits you could need, and that you simply won’t find when holiday traveling in the traditional way. A cruise lets you get up in the morning, open your cabin door, and see the sunrise no matter where you happen to be. But beyond the magnificent facilities, we’re hoping to transmit just something of this feeling to you. If you’ve never experienced it, deciding to set sail on your dream trip has never made more sense, with all the cruise vacations available during this month. Benefits of a Cruise Vacation 1.- Unpack – just once!: When you get to your cabin, that’s it. From that moment on, your only concern will be to relax and enjoy getting to every one of the ports at each of the destinations you’ll visit. Ballet 2.- Ships come in all sizes, and for all tastes: Cruises are of different styles, sizes and types. You can always find the option perfect to adapt to your own travel needs. Ballet 3.- A cruise is much easier to get ready for: Once you’ve chosen a cruise, itinerary and cabin, prepare yourself to simply choose from the activities offered on the cruise. Forget about reservations, flights, hotels, and ground transportation. Ballet 4.- Set sail with people from all over the world: Unlike a plane trip, on a ship you’ll always be surrounded by people of different nationalities. Whether at your table for dinner, by the pool, or when you go shopping. You never know who might be sitting next to you, and you can share experiences, and open your horizons to other cultures. It’s always fascinating. Ballet 5.- A cruise is economical, too: Traveling to all these places is going to get expensive. But with a cruise nearly all your expenses included and paid for before you set out: food, lodging, entertainment, and shows. Set a budget for excursions and souvenirs and manage it closely at all the stops the ship is taking you too. Ballet 6.- A cruise is the perfect way to go with the whole family: Cruises are suitable for everyone in the family, with activities organized for tykes on up to Seniors. Ballet 7.- On board activities!: Today’s cruise ships designed to satisfy the demands of all passengers, from relaxing in the spa, sports, movies at the cinema, or live musical theater. Every cruise offers different entertainment options. Check those that best suits your own tastes and travel needs. Ballet 8.- A floating city!: Just about everything you can find in a small city is on offer once you’re on board your cruise. Facilities and services ranging from Wi-Fi, satellite TV, shops of all kinds, beauty salons, a hospital, gym, swimming pools, cafes, cinemas, theater, nightclubs, restaurants and often much more. Ballet 9.- Exotic holidays!: A cruise vacation lets you discover new continents. The world really is within reach! Explore entirely new destinations while navigating your own seven seas. Ballet 10.- And they’re safe!: The main objective of every cruise line is to provide their passengers with security, both on board the ships and on land in every port of call. Setting sail with Royal Caribbean will take you to five continents and more than 70 countries. It means discovering a world of surprises, both on your ship and on land. It also means the guarantee of a fascinating vacation for everyone in your family. Ballet Royal Caribbean is a very successful American cruise company. Ships are the largest and most spectacular in the world. They’re designed to reach any corner of the world, and with fantastic panoramic views of both the open sea and coastal landscapes. With Royal Caribbean, a whole host of activities await you within modern and comfortable spaces, plus there’s international cuisine, dozens of ports of call and exciting land excursions. On board, you’ll find the spa and gym, entertainment, and exclusive activities for the whole family, including the magical characters from DreamWorks animated films. Everything is intended to satisfy all tastes and interests. Ballet The fun onboard is priceless. Royal Caribbean takes special pride in presenting artists from all over the world, in musical and theater productions at Broadway level. There’s also a true spa experience, with exclusive rejuvenating treatments. Theme nights in the casino, shops, galleries, discos, the original surf simulator make every day memorable. The Adventure Ocean program includes daily activities for kids between three and 17 years of age, and the Dream Works Animation experience provides access to all their favorite characters. There’s even a Royal team specialized in offering care for infants from under a year to up to three years old. Plus, you’ll experience some of the finest international cuisine from the wide variety of specialty restaurants within the Royal Caribbean family. Ballet Royal Caribbean sails to hundreds of ports and will take you along to the most fascinating places in the world. From Europe to Asia, you’ll see the landscapes of Australia and New Zealand, the fascinating beaches on the coasts of Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda and the Bahamas. But Royal Caribbean also reaches the immense glaciers and wild landscapes from off the coasts of Alaska, the landscapes and history of Canada and New England, or off to Dubai and the Arab Emirates, South America and many more destinations. You can even take off on transatlantic and repositioning cruises. The Royal Caribbean fleet makes stops in spectacular places and we invite you to bring your family for fascinating excursions on land in many of them. It’s a tremendous list of cruises all over the world that gives you the possibility to see and experience much more than ever before. Ballet Take advantage of Royal Holiday and choose the destination you’ve always dreamt of. With Royal Caribbean Cruises, your Holiday advisor will get you onto a trip like none you’ve ever experienced! Ballet

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