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by Royal Holiday

Whenever you’re taking any cruise, follow these quick tips to make your experience with other passengers and crew as pleasant and happy as possible. These quick tips should make any cruise that much more comfortable. 1.- PACK VERSATILE OUTFITS FOR ALL OCCASIONS And be careful which clothes you wear into the cruise’s many different areas. For example, in the pool you can wear a bathing suit, but for restaurants and shops you’ll want to wear a more appropriate outfit. And pack slightly more semi-formal wear for more important dinners. Ballet 2.- EVERYTHING IN MODERATION! Most passengers want to avoid spending too much. Remember there are many more ports of call to visit. So, a budget for each port is important. Try not to overdo spending on food and drinks, when the free buffet is still open, and take advantage of the “All Inclusive” food and drinks whenever you can. Ballet 3.- DON’T MISS THE BOAT! Being punctual is indispensable. Arriving a little ahead of time to all events, and performances within the ship is vital, and you’ll help to respect the other punctual passengers, too. On off-ship, land excursions, it’s even more important. Note the re-boarding times carefully and make sure you’re back before the ship sets sail again. Ballet Apply these tips on every cruise, and your luxury vacation will be that much more luxurious. Take advantage of Royal Holiday Cruise Month and you’ll never forget the best vacation in the world. Ballet

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