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Winning has never been this easy! Your Royal Holiday membership comes with lots of benefits and, making use of it, grants you Rewards!

Have you kept up to date with your monthly fees or automated your payments, made an early payment on your annual fee, registered your online account and booked participating destinations on the website or with our representatives? Then you already have Holiday Rewards!

Rewards Holiday Credits are the result of our loyalty program at Royal Holiday. These are… additional Holiday Credits! Therefore, you’ll be able to share your passion for travel with us even further.

Remember, your Rewards expire until December 31st of the second year on which you earned them and, they can be added to your regular amount of annual Holiday Credits.

Are you planning on traveling for 03 nights? Add one or a couple more additional nights by redeeming your Rewards Holiday Credits! If you’d like to invite your friends or family, use them to book a larger suite or an additional one!

Your Royal Holiday Rewards complement your regular annual Holiday Credits and allow you to book more and better destinations on different seasons. Whether it’d be a trip to Puerto Rico on Easter, a weekend to New York City or Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Cancún, you decide how and when to make use of them!

Also, if you’re already following us on our social media, we’d like to invite you participate on our various contests; that way, you’ll be able to earn even more Rewards Holiday Credits for your next travelling adventure!

At Royal Holiday, we award and thank our member’s loyalty. Reach out to your Holiday Advisor to book and, start enjoying your Rewards!


*Royal Holiday Rewards do not apply if you are enrolled into the “distinguised member” program

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