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For Royal Holiday, your safety and that of your loved ones remains our number one priority; for this reason, we are constantly reviewing our processes, and today, we invite you to discover what’s new about  our SAFE GUEST PROGRAM” along with everything we do to take care of you while you rest.

We are always looking for the best ways to stay at the forefront while providing unforgettable experiences to all our guests and staff. After COVID-19 hit last year, Park Royal Hotels & Resorts was named as “the first Mexican hotel group to develop a Safe Guest Program ”.

Remember that this is an exclusive program of our Park Royal Resorts; therefore, the standards and protocols are being followed in all of our developments, Grand, Beach, Homestay and City.

Come back and enjoy the Mexican Caribbean and its turquoise blue sea; the Pacific and its beaches with golden sunsets; the vibrant cities of Orlando and Miami in Florida; the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires; or a retreat in Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico.


The hygiene and safety standards include common areas and rooms (Room Check), restaurants and food (Food Check), water systems (Aqua Check) and swimming pools (Pool Check). Click here to learn more.

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